Monthly Archives: March 2016 :: Get Up to 1,000 in 1 Hour. Directly Deposited in 1 Hour. Instant Approval.PDL10 :: Get $100 – $1000 Cash in 1 Hour – ATM Withdraw! Payday advance in 24 : If you are short on cash and need an emergency loan to pay off a bill, you are likely to need an online payday loan.

Online payday loans are generally for someone who has low credit and is living paycheck to paycheck. Then an emergency comes up, their kid is sick or their car needs emergency repairs, or a bill comes up and it cannot wait until payday to get paid. So, why on earth would someone need to worry about taking out an online payday loan?

What is a payday loan?

These online loans are too readily available for quick cash. All a person needs is proof of employment, usually a few paycheck stubs, your boss’s phone number, and two forms of identification. That’s it. Normally your credit score doesn’t even come into play.

The money is made available to you usually in 24 hours or less and is deposited directly into your checking account. Sounds easy right? Online payday loans usually come with enormous fees and potentially dangerous risks. Here is what you can look for to keep yourself safe and your identity in the clear.

The Dangers of Online Payday Loans

The biggest danger is you. If you loose your job before payday, or your paycheck is not large enough to cover the “up to 60% fees” you could be owing money to the online payday loan creditor AND your banking institution. Associated fees, percentage rates, and payback percentages are big money making business for these companies.

How do you think they can afford to take such a risk? Of course, the payout has to be great for them to take it. Other dangers may be hidden fees not covered by your next pay day or initially only covered in the fine print you might not have read. Even more surprising is if your check is a day late and the creditor takes the money out of your now empty banking account. You wind up paying both institutions and up to double the original payback amount. :: Get Up to 1,000 in 1 Hour. Directly Deposited in 1 Hour. Instant Approval.PDL10 :: Approved in Seconds. Get Cash up to $1000. Get the Money You Need : In today’s high paced world and with the rising cost of living, is it any wonder that many people meet with financial crises so often and need a short term payday loan even when they already have bad credit history?

It could be as simple as a flat tire just before payday or a medical emergency such as a broken bone or sprained joint. You come to find out that you just don’t have enough. Or maybe your needs are a little more long term, such as a home or auto repair, or an unplanned trip. And you find you just don’t have enough to pay for it, and what is more, you either have maxed out credit cards or you don’t even have credit cards, much less credit.

The answer is unsecured loans. There are several types of unsecured loans in today’s market. Even if you have bad credit, it’s plausible to find something that fits the bill.

Unsecured loans are simply extensions of credit where none of the borrower’s assets are used to secure collateral for the debtor or loan agent. Instead, funding may be guaranteed for the promise of a future payment such as is the case with payday loans and certain types of credit cards. The only drawback may be associated fees or higher interest rates. However, when you really need the money, it may be worth it.

Types of Unsecured Loans

Payday Loans:

This is a temporary loan secured on the promise of repaying your next paycheck to the lender. These often carry high fees as well as interest rate either during the initial installment, or retroactive if the repayment is not secured by your next payday. These loans are great for a one time emergency, every once in a while. The high fees make them not so great for long time solutions or for repeat users. The good news, the loan is often secured with just a signature, a few paystubs, and is deposited usually within 24 hours. Loan amounts vary from a few hundred dollars to about a thousand dollars. :: Up to $1000 Express Cash. 99% Approval & Secure Application.PDL10 :: Up to $1000 Quick Loan Online. We Guarantee Results. Quick application results. Get Fast Loan : There are many illegal or unlicensed payday lenders out there on the Internet reaping off so many people because these people do not know they are operating illegally in their states, or do not know how to deal with them.

If you fall victim of these illegal payday lenders, be prepared to be milked dry. They will box you into a tight corner and make you to continue paying them over and over again, even though they know they are not licensed to operate in your state. But because they know you too are not aware of it, they go on having a field day on your money.

Many people have reported paying thousands of dollars for a loan of three hundred dollars to these illegal payday lenders without knowing they should only have paid the principal they took. That’s right! If you took a loan from illegal or unlicensed payday lenders, you are only required to pay back only the principal that you took – no interest charges whatsoever. Therefore, if you are already in a payday lender’s net, the following information will very well help you to avoid been taken to the cleaners.

Find Out If They Are Licensed In Your State

Get in touch with your state’s Attorney General’s office. You can do a Google search for its website online, and from there get the payday loan laws of your state to confirm if the lender you are dealing with is licensed to operate in your state or not. For the states of Florida and Massachusetts, the operations of all Internet payday lenders are illegal. If you discover the payday lender is illegal or unlicensed, then take the following action immediately:

Close Your Account

Close your account immediately. But be aware that they have the reputation of not carrying out revocation order, and so may not close the account, therefore go to your bank and tell the Manager you want a hard debit block immediately placed on your account.

Let them know you are revoking ACH authorizations from illegal companies, and you need to do this to protect your money from been withdrawn by them because you understand that even though you have closed your account with them these companies don’t carry out revocation orders. You can print out a copy of payday loan laws of your state and give it to the Manager. :: Payday Loans And Borrow Up To $1000 Today! No Credit Check No Faxing.PDL10 :: Get Up to 1,000 in 1 Hour. Directly Deposited in 1 Hour. Instant : When you shop for a payday loan, the first thing you should do is to compare payday lenders. If you simply sign up with the first lender that you find, then you may end up spending a lot more on fees and interest rates. Also you can miss some of the exciting features which other lender might be providing. There are many ways to do comparison but the easiest way to do is to use the online resources available.

There are many websites which can help you to compare various payday lenders operating in your country with the simple click of a button. These websites collect the various details like features, interest rate, repayment plan etc which helps a consumer to find the most suitable lender for him or her. Such online comparison is very useful these days. Whether you are booking a flight ticket or buying a dress for your beloved, the comparison sites available will help you to find the best available price available in your locality. Most of the payday loan lenders will provide you a very short term loan usually between Pound 100 – Pound 1,500. The repayment is expected by the next payday of the borrower.

The interest rate of these payday loans varies from lender to lender. On an average the charge varies from 20 to 30 per pound 100. So for your need you can always find a better deal if you know where to look. Most of the lenders have a very flexible repayment plan. In case the borrower is not able to repay on time the payday lenders have the option to extend the repayment by certain amount of time. But this feature is not provided by all the available payday loan lenders. So it is better to know such details before applying. All these features will be available on the website of lenders. The only thing required is to dedicate some time to know them. Or the much better option is to go to a payday loan comparison website. There one can easily find these features. You just have to select among existing lenders and a comparative chart showing all the available features will be popped up in front of you.

These lenders will require that you meet a few conditions in order to qualify for a payday loan. The most important of them is that you are currently employed or have a source constant of income. If you are unemployed or self-employed, then there is a great chance that you will not get a loan. As most of the payday lenders consider this one as there major eligibility criteria. Apart from this you should be at least 18 years old, a citizen of the country in which you are applying, and have a bank account in working condition.

www.Go Cash

www.Go Cash :: Get $100 – $1000 Cash in 1 Hour – ATM Withdraw! Payday advance in 24 hours.PDL10

www.Go Cash :: Get Up to 1,000 in 1 Hour. Directly Deposited in 1 Hour. Instant Approval.button5www.Go Cash : The financial lending market finally toned down it’s strict lending rules a few years ago by offering loans with no credit checks. Anyone one suffering from a bad credit history had no chance of obtaining any form of loan due to past strict regulations. However, as time went by and a growing list of competitors springing into the financial lending business, lenders were forced to reduce their requirements and reach out to those of a less privileged credit history. A typical bad credit history would include CCJ, default, late payment and also bankruptcy. Anyone with these credit problems can now apply for a loan with no credit check.

Loans with no credit check is a thing of recent history, but before then, most banks won’t even consider an application if the applicant had a negative credit history. The advent and upsurge of banks and loan lenders has created a tough competitive market. This competitive market has steered lenders to give loans with no credit check, to avoid them running out of business. Today, anyone with a default history, late payment and even bankruptcy can stand a chance.

One of the major benefits of a loan with no credit check is the fact that it helps individuals meet some urgent financial commitments before their payday arrives. These commitments could include bills, shopping expenses and a host of other things. An added benefit of loans with no credit checks is that it helps individuals with poor credit history to boost their ratings. The credit system rewards people when they make their repayments on time without default.

When applying for a loan with no credit check, its important to understand there are two types. Secured loans and unsecured loans. Secured loans are said to be secured because lenders expect you to have a collateral. A collateral could be anything of monetary value that could be used to repay back your loan should in case you couldn’t pay it back. Collateral’s can include properties, jewelries, stocks and shares etc.